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June 2, 2012

I should hate this, right?

I’m just asking because that’s what everyone says. “Worst experience ever.” “Absolutely terrible.” “HELL!!” In varying ways, this is pretty much how bar prep has been summed up by roughly 110% of the people I’ve talked to. I think I can see why; it’s drudgery.

Basically, you just outline all of the rules for a given subject, memorize them, then practice applying them. Same as you would do for a law school exam. Only thing is, it doesn’t really make sense to study with other people; I’m mostly in my head while studying. It’s not really possible to socialize with others while studying, as there is so much new information to take in. And it takes TIME. So much time. As an example, today I gave myself an extra hour and a half of sleep before meeting a classmate to go over practice problems. I’ve been studying ever since, except for an hour and a half where I did laundry, ate, and talked to the Fiancée. I’ve just stopped, and it’s 10 pm. I was up at 7:30.

And yet…I’m psyched to prepare to slay the dragon? This may just be me, or I am missing something entirely. However, I might just enjoy this. And by enjoy, I mean a rather twisted, sick sense of satisfaction is creeping over me. Granted, it’s only day 4. But if I keep working at this rate, I am going to crush this thing. HARD.

After 4 days, I’m about a 1/2 day ahead of the class schedule. According to my schedule, I will finish outlining by mid to late June, at the latest. That means spending about a week of June and three weeks in July focusing solely on practice problems and memorizing. Note, I was never intense about studying during law school. Ever. I generally earned above average grades, but I kept it super casual. Anyways, there’s something about setting an ambitious goal and actually taking steps to achieve it that  makes this enjoyable. Yeah, it does suck as I can’t do anything fun, and I have to focus on passing an exam without which, I can not attain decent paying work. On the other hand, if I’ve got to do this then I’m going to do a great job and try to enjoy it. Otherwise, I won’t do very well.

That being said, in the universe of bar prep, I’m only 10% of the way to my goal. Bugger.

Alternatively, I may have lost it already.